The REAL Story Behind Obama’s Syrian Refugee Rush!

This week Obama reached his goal of bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of his term. Sounds like a small number right? But what they are not telling you is that from 2008 to 2013, the US admitted 115,617 refugees from the Middle East and granted asylum to another 10,026! (statistics from the (ORR) Office of refugee resettlement)

Also during this 5 year period, the Department of Homeland Security reports Continue reading “The REAL Story Behind Obama’s Syrian Refugee Rush!”

Muslims are Invading Belgium: Is the United States Next?

Chances are, if you asked any American walking down the street, “Did you know that Muslims are invading Belgium?”, most would probably look at you like you had 3 heads! Especially since mainstream media constantly reiterates the statement: Most Muslims are peaceful people, it’s only a few “lone wolves” that are extremists.

According to our media, Sharia Law is not something “Moderate Muslims” ascribe to. Continue reading “Muslims are Invading Belgium: Is the United States Next?”


Every time I watch a Trump rally on YouTube and Mr. Trump asks the question, “Who’s gonna pay for that wall?”, I can’t help yelling “Mexicoooo!”, along with all the people at the rally. As a result my dogs come charging into the room, tails wagging at full speed….they think it’s a game and they LOVE it!

While it is a fun game for us here, there are very serious reasons the wall along our border needs to be built, and it needs to be built quickly! Continue reading “WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THAT WALL?…MEXICO!!!”