Muslims are Invading Belgium: Is the United States Next?

Chances are, if you asked any American walking down the street, “Did you know that Muslims are invading Belgium?”, most would probably look at you like you had 3 heads! Especially since mainstream media constantly reiterates the statement: Most Muslims are peaceful people, it’s only a few “lone wolves” that are extremists.

According to our media, Sharia Law is not something “Moderate Muslims” ascribe to. Continue reading “Muslims are Invading Belgium: Is the United States Next?”

Is anyone bothered by protesters burning American flags?

I come from a long line of military in my family. Both of my grandfathers, my father, uncle and cousin served in different branches and some went on to dedicate their entire lives to defending our rights and our country.

As a kid I spent summer vacations in sunny Florida with my grandparents. They were loving but stern southerners that liked sports, beer and being active in their community. My grandmother especially enjoyed making all sorts of food. I remember loading up the station wagon with several trays of home cooked meals and heading to the local VFW for the afternoon. Continue reading “Is anyone bothered by protesters burning American flags?”

Meet The Trump Family! Fantastic interview – Anderson Cooper

When talking to family members recently about the possibility of a Trump presidency, one of the questions that came up was, “Well, I know a little bit about Donald Trump but what’s his family like?” ‘Good question!’ we thought, and immediately emailed this video of Anderson Cooper’s Town Hall interview with the Trump family, to our family. Continue reading “Meet The Trump Family! Fantastic interview – Anderson Cooper”

Welcome to the official launch of!

Welcome everyone to the official launch of! Are you excited about the coming election and the possibility of a president who truly cares about our future? We are! Right now we are living in volatile times and the world is waiting to see what role the United States will play in global leadership. Will we continue to saunter down the same old path paved with debt, apathy and political cover-ups for four more years? Or will we press on in the face of tribulation, overcome our enemies and truly become the great nation we were meant to be? Continue reading “Welcome to the official launch of!”