Every time I watch a Trump rally on YouTube and Mr. Trump asks the question, “Who’s gonna pay for that wall?”, I can’t help yelling “Mexicoooo!”, along with all the people at the rally. As a result my dogs come charging into the room, tails wagging at full speed….they think it’s a game and they LOVE it!

While it is a fun game for us here, there are very serious reasons the wall along our border needs to be built, and it needs to be built quickly! In a recent interview with KTAR news radio in Phoenix, Hillary Clinton brazenly stated that “Immigration from Mexico has dropped considerably” and “It’s just not happening anymore!” Equally perplexing are statements by the current administration and Mrs. Clinton, both claiming that our borders are more secure than ever….but the facts reveal something very different! According to Fox news (via The Hill), Customs and Border Patrol reported the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border has soared in recent months.

On top of that, numerous tunnels actually run underneath the border that allow Mexican gangs the freedom to transport drugs, human cargo and more illegal immigrants into the U.S. for a hefty fee. Now, if that weren’t bad enough, there is an alarming influx of Syrian refugees pouring into Mexico that are attempting to cross the border. ISIS terrorists and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations have made it abundantly clear that they plan to infiltrate the United States under the guise of helpless refugees. How many more violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants and devastating terrorist attacks have to take place on American soil, before people wake up and realize that Washington is misleading the American public? While they are saying “peace and safety”, we are the targets of destruction!

The argument is that there are only a small percentage of illegals that are violent and people who oppose open borders are just being xenophobic or racist. To that I say, how many people did it take to blow up the World Trade Center on September 11th? I often hear people chanting, “We don’t need to build walls, we need to break down barriers!” That sounds really nice, especially if you have a heart to help others, but the people coming through those barriers are not just little old ladies and babies. There is a reason the union representing 16,000 Border Agents endorses Donald Trump.

This is a very volatile time. Not only has the current administration weakened our military and borders, Obama’s current plan and Hillary Clinton’s future plan is to continue to transport tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into the United States. They are dropping the refugees into small rural towns and cities across the entire country. The FBI and Homeland Security have both gone on record saying that there is no way to properly screen these refugees coming in.

Check out this video from The Daily Ledger which reveals the top 4 states refugees are being dropped off and why this expedited immigration process threatens our national security.

I am not opposed to legal immigration. If fact, many of us would not be here if our parents, grandparents, or ancestors hadn’t made the brave decision to leave their homeland and explore building a better life for themselves and for future generations. This diversity and willingness to fight for our freedom is part of what makes us proud to be called Americans.

I love God, my family and my country and do not want to see it inundated with people who have no respect for our laws, culture or the freedom that has been paid for in blood and sacrifice. We can help put an end to this dangerous plan of mass immigration by electing Mr. Trump for President in November. He has a detailed plan for immigration reform that would put American citizens first, keep us safe and ensure that immigrants who work to become legal citizens have a fair shot at the American dream.

So when I hear “Who’s gonna pay for that wall?”, I will continue to yell “Mexicooo!” and dance around with my doggies until that wall is built! We must support the only logical choice fo President and that man is Mr. Donald J. Trump!

Written by Cara Mia

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