Is the Trump campaign in trouble? Or is the media deceiving the public?

If you have turned on the TV recently to watch the news, chances are you have heard the Trump campaign is in trouble. Even social media outlets are being accused of censoring “Trump news”. We have experienced this first hand, as we were locked out of our Facebook account for 4 days!

When we returned to our social media account, we posted a pro-Trump video. Thanks to the Trump supporters who reposted the video, it reached over 400,000 people in just a few days, and was shared over 8,000 times!

Check out our short video that debunks the theory that Trump is falling behind. See the massive crowds that prove Mr. Donald J. Trump is winning! Help us defeat mainstream media. Please share this post on social media and show others just how much support Mr. Trump has!

Americans LOVE Donald Trump and we will prove that when we elect him as President of the United States on November 8, 2016!


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