Muslims are Invading Belgium: Is the United States Next?


Chances are, if you asked any American walking down the street, “Did you know that Muslims are invading Belgium?”, most would probably look at you like you had 3 heads! Especially since mainstream media constantly reiterates the statement: Most Muslims are peaceful people, it’s only a few “lone wolves” that are extremists.

According to our media, Sharia Law is not something “Moderate Muslims” ascribe to. And recently, Khizr Khan (the Muslim man who publicly attacked Donald Trump) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, that he did not stand for “any Sharia Law because there was no such thing.”

So…Is this Law that advocates stoning and beheading people just a myth; something created by the conservative right to spread fear and Islamophobia? Or, is it true that Sharia is inherent to the Muslim faith?

Watch this short, eye-opening video and see what Muslims in Belgium are saying!

Hillary Clinton wants to bring tens of thousands of “peaceful” Muslim refugees into the United States. The same Muslims that are taking over Belgium and large portions of Europe.

Donald Trump wants to put a temporary ban on Muslim refugees, that are coming from countries known for terrorism; a precaution to keep Americans safe.

Do you think America is ready for an influx of Muslim refugees? And, is the media being truthful about what is currently happening in Europe? Watch the video and decide, and let us know what you think!

Written by Cara Mia


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